Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Big Apple

HAPPY NATIONAL CRAFT MONTH! :) I hope everyone has at least one craft project this month :)

I was supposed to post this over an hour ago but I lost track of time. These two cards were for my sister's co-workers who leaving. I thought of the Good Luck one while she came up with the design for the Big Apple one.

This one was SO simple, but I really like the design. I just used some clear stamps that I bought at Micheal's then punched it out using a scalloped square :)
I'm so excited that my sister designed this one. I got the sky line from the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge, and I don't remember where I got the apple from.

On to other news, I posted a comment on My Pink Stamper and I got an email from someone named Grace. However, it went to my spam folder and as I was clicking "Delete Forever" I noticed that it wasn't actually spam and that I should probably read it... but it was TOO LATE! I was so upset that I deleted it, I even looked it up to see if it could be recovered, no luck :( So, if the person that emailed me from my comment on My Pink Stamper is reading this, please email me again.

For my next post I'll show you all the cards I made at the workshop I went to last week. I have a new love for Stampin' Up products :) I can't wait to attend more workshops!

Oh and CONGRATULATIONS to the new parents to a beautiful baby boy, Reanne and Aaron!!

Have a great night everyone!

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Marilag said...

Thanks for helping me out with the card :)

I designed this "going away/bon voyage" card for someone I worked with who had just moved to new york